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Our Products
Our products are divided into the following core categories:

Chemicals & Liquid Cleaners

Detergents & Powdered Cleaners

    Car Shampoo
Cement Remover
Degreasers (Regular / Heavy Duty)
Dishwashing Liquid
Floor Cleaners
Floor Wax
Glass Cleaners
Hand Soaps
Liquid Bleach (5%)
Sodium Hypo-Chloride (10-13%)
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Wax Stripper

    Bleaching Powder (Calcium Hypochlorite)
General-Purpose Detergent Powder
Heavy-Duty Detergent Powder
Laundry Detergent Powder
Rig-Wash Heavy Duty Detergent

Other Cleaning Products

Cleaning Equipment & Accessories

    Air Fresheners
Bar Soap
Car Wax
Scouring Cream (CIF)
Scouring Powder (KIF)
Urinal Tablets

     Automatic Air-Freshener Dispensers
Disposable Paper Towel (Multi-Fold)
Garbage Bag
Hand Towel
Jumbo Roll (Toilet Paper)
Mop Buckets
Soap Dispensers
Toilet Roll 

Should you be looking for a product that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us for any enquiries that you might have.

General Purpose Soap Powder.
Packaging Size: 25kgs

DWN Laundry Detergent Powder.
Packaging size: 25kgs


DMC detergent powder. Packing:
1, 3, 5, 10 & 25 kilo/bag.

Fair detergent powder. Packing:

FAIR dishwashing liquid. Packing:
5 litre x 4bottles/carton.

Fair detergent powder.Packing:
200grams x 48 boxes/carton & 500grams x 24 boxes/carton.

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