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Our Services

Chlorine Bleach (OEM and customized packaging)

Samhuat has been a contract manufacturer of household/consumer-grade chlorine bleach for close to 20 years. Our chlorine bleach products are supplied to FMCG exporters as well as leading local supermarket chains.

We are able to provide contract packaging services for chlorine bleach at 1 litre and 1 Gallon (3.4 litre) sizes. Other packaging sizes are also available subjected to a minimum order quantity.


Detergent Blending

We are also specialized in customizing our detergent powders to suit your specific needs in terms of cleaning strength, foaming levels and material/surface limitations.

Our blended detergent powder ranges from a low-cost all-purpose detergent that can be used for general cleaning and degreasing of floors and surfaces to a high-strength, heavy-duty detergent that is suited for cleaning of heavy soiling and greasing.

Our detergent products are used in Commercial and Industrial Kitchens, Laundromats, Workshops, Shipyards, Oil-Rigs and various Sea-Faring Vessels.


We will be delighted to see to any enquiries with regards to our chlorine bleach contract packing or detergent blending services that you might have.

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